Will 2021 bring the 2020 promises to reality

29 January 2021

So I decided to start fresh again. New job, new apartment. Not that anything was wrong about the old job. Nice and friendly people. For me work was where I was at most peace, away from the life's hardness and my despairs. Keeping my mind away from the bad thoughts that haunt me. I got an offer to do what I hated the second most. Front-end web development. Well, my last job was mostly about doing what I hated the most, mobile app dev. And here I am, a Flutter guru. Let's tackle on my weakest coding skill. Gambling for a better life.

ps. I will never forget my first job as a software developer at Sorting Company. They will forever be the people who hired me when no one else did.

September 2019 - December 2020 (1 year 4 months)

Flutter, Dart, PHP, MySql, C#, .NET, Kotlin, AWS, Plesk