Is age 26 the magic number? The entire year has been a rollercoaster

20 August 2022

By the start of the year everything has been going smoothly. Making websites has become the daily chore. I had become proficient with the current most popular stack React, Next and tailwindcss. Additionally, good enough with MongoDB and Mongoose to know my way around as a full-stack web developer.

With enough confidence I finally started doing freelance projects too. Everything was marvellous. I was coding all day, every day. Things were getting better and better day by day. Not to mention in the most unforeseen way I was offered a new job. To work on one of the greatest web projects of the government, with an amazing team. Finally caught with the dream to work in a team and with high skilled developers around here. I wouldn't even have imagined myself working with such a high paycheck. Well things were going too fast, working 2 jobs and freelancing, I wasn't able to manage it. Some freelance projects had to be dropped. Social time had to be restricted. Nevertheless, it was good to finally be financially stable and providing to those that supported me upto here.

Mid year and more rollercoaster rides on steroids. My old Zenbook 3's display was failing. I was just barely able to afford to buy a new laptop. My plan was to buy the new M1 MacBook Air and later buy a good gaming desktop PC. Even more surprises as my new employer provided me with an M1 MacBook Pro as their work machine. Not to mention personal goals I had lost hope of happened. Even learnt Typescript as the new job requires.

In all this action, had an accident playing with my niece at the park, sprained my ankle, breaking a bone. So I have been locked up in home with plaster on my lower leg, for 2 weeks, and 3 more weeks to go. Certain aspiring things happened recently that kept me happy and motivated. Hence all these time I made sure to spend few hours each day learning. Scrolling Twitter, Reddit and YouTube, consuming any valuable material. Added with the expertise I receive from my co-workers I could now brag myself being an expert javascript/react/front-end web developer. In the two weeks stuck at home, I have gone through Remix, Prisma,, Docker build, SvelteKit, Solid, Astro, Deno and Fresh. Its 3am and I have just completed rewriting my website in Astro and Tailwind, and wrote this blog post. 🥳 🚀